How to choose vps for your website?

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Common VPS technologies can be divided into Xen, Openvz, and KVM.
This article will give you a brief introduction to them so that you can choose the vps that suits you best.

Xen is a para-virtualization technology. It is not a real virtual machine, but an instance of running a kernel.
It can freely load kernel modules, virtual memory and IO.
Xen virtual technology can be divided into two types, Xen PV and Xen HVM. Among them, Xen PV only supports Linux system, while Xen HVM supports Windows system.
Xen PV has better performance.

OpenVZ is an operating system-level virtualization technology that runs on Linux and runs a layer of applications on the underlying operating system to install a server into instances of multiple operating systems through virtualization.
Thus each instance is a VPS, which means easy to understand and low weight overhead, and the application can run directly on the CPU without having to go through virtual instructions, so generally OpenVZ will have better performance.
And compared to the other two common virtual technologies, the price is low.

KVM is completely virtual, and the cores of the parent machine are not shared between the VPS instances, and each is independent of each other, and as long as your configuration is sufficient, KVM theoretically supports any version on Linux and Windows.